Our Team

Adam Wisnieski

User Interface Designer

adam@leadpointdigital.com | 540.566.3157

Adam is a dynamic web developer who offers over a decade of experience as LeadPoint’s User Interface Designer. Adam specializes in creating interactive websites which achieve marketing objectives and supports robust technical capabilities, so our clients are empowered to remain relevant in the digital world. Adam designs with the details in mind, coupled with a passion for using his skills to help others.

As an experienced project manager, Adam is adept at collecting project parameters, implementing solutions, and testing and refining products until it accomplishes exactly what our clients desire. Daily problem solving is Adam’s forte, as he’s urgent to analyze projects from all technical and design angles. From concepting and templating, to product testing and quality control, to client training and onboarding - Adam guides clients at each stage of the web development process.

Adam is skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, UX/UI design, CSS, HTML 5, Wordpress, Drupal, Apache Server, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL, and prides himself on constantly developing his expertise in web development and design.

Adam Wisniewski