Byrider Dealership Digital Marketing

A proven digital marketing strategy to get more top-tier leads, capitalize on missed opportunities, grow existing business, reduce advertising waste, and gain control of your digital marketing.

LeadPoint Digital
10 Church Avenue, SE, STE.300
Roanoke, VA 24011 540.566.3146

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A Formula for Success

LeadPoint Digital specializes in creating customized digital marketing strategies for Byrider Dealers across the nation. Our strategies primarily consist of search engine, social media, remarketing, and connected TV/OTT advertising. Whether you're new to digital marketing or looking to get more from your digital marketing – our attention to detail and transparency will get you better results quickly.
Our approach to digital marketing for Byrider dealerships capitalizes on existing opportunities at every stage of your audience's buying cycle.


Our Mission

We actively seek marketing partnerships that share our strategic and operational values which include:

  • A practical strategic focus – the ability prioritize needs vs. wants within limitations and opportunities.
  • A collaborative strategic focus - trust, respect, and dependence on the strengths of all team members involved in the project or program.
  • A results-driven strategic focus – the ability to stay focused on actionable items that will progress towards achieving goals and objectives.
  • An inclination to operate with urgency – the desire to work with purpose and passion as every instance is an opportunity.
  • An inclination to operate with integrity – the desire to communicate with full transparency and admirable morals.

Steve Timofeev

President, CEO

Brad Timofeev

Managing Partner

Carrie Cousins

Senior Digital Strategist

Adam Wisniewski

User Interface Designer

Rebecca Duncan

Digital Marketing Manager

Victor Rosado

Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Story

Prior to finding LeadPoint Digital, Steve Timofeev started his digital career in 1998 at Alphalogic Systems as the Director of Marketing and Sales, which is best known for creating the first Etch A Sketch website and the Betty Spaghetty Doll website with Ohio Art.

2003 - Steve opened Apogee Marketing Group and offered web development services. Later that year he merged Apogee Marketing Group with BusinessVoice (a caller experience agency in Toledo, OH) to create WebArt (a digital agency) in 2004. Steve played a duel role while at WebArt where he served as the Managing Partner and the Executive VP of Operations for BusinessVoice which would later become MadAveGroup.

2007 - Steve's son Brad would join BusinessVoice in a data entry role before migrating to WebArt as the Technical Marketing Coordinator in the same year. Over the next four years, Brad's passion and knowledge for digital marketing and online behavior catapulted him to the Director of Digital Marketing for WebArt. During that time, Steve and Brad developed a complementary management style balancing results-driven digital strategy with function.

2013 - Brad and Steve played an integral part in writing the business model for BusinessVoice and WebArt to become agencies under an umbrella company known as MadAveGroup. Over the next 8 years, Brad and Steve would grow WebArt's annual revenue by 550% through client retention and delivering successful websites and marketing programs.

2015 - Steve would play an operational role in MadAveGroup acquiring Lesniewicz & Associates which would soon become design2influence, a branding and advertising agency, which WebArt partnered with regularly.

2020 - LeadPoint Digital was founded by Steve and Brad - backed by decades of successful entrepreneurial ventures, experience, and consistently exceeding client expectations.