Our Team

Eliza Bourque Dandridge

Creative Director

eliza@leadpointdigital.com | 540.566.3281

Eliza is a seasoned visual storyteller with decades of experience in website design and digital content creation and management. She comes to LeadPoint Digital from higher education and the corporate world, where years of in-the-trenches problem-solving helped shape her client-focused approach to marketing and design.  

Eliza began her career in the early days of the dot-com era as a writer, marketer, and designer, creating websites that harnessed the new energy of the Internet and responded to the rapidly evolving possibilities of the digital landscape. Since then, she has developed a vibrant and pragmatic design sensibility that combines technical knowledge with an acute attention to client objectives and the user experience. She is skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, CSS, HTML 5, WordPress, and Drupal.

Eliza holds degrees from William & Mary, Virginia Tech, and Duke University. Before returning home to the Roanoke Valley with her family, Eliza worked as a director of communications at Duke, where she created and managed high-profile digital products and services.

Eliza Bourque Dandridge