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Google Analytics 4: Are You Prepared?

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Overwhelmed by website and app analytics? You know they are critical to the success of your business, but they can feel impossible to manage. If any of the scenarios listed below sound like you, please take advantage of our FREE Google Analytics 4 help.

  • I’ve never used analytics, don’t know how to read them, and not sure what to do. HELP!
  • I’m not technically savvy and don’t know where to begin.
  • I set up Google Analytics 4, but don’t know if I did it right to maximize the value. A second set of eyes and conversation would help.
  • I’m still on the older version of Google Analytics and need help setting up Google Analytics 4

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Free Google Analytics 4 Help

Have you transitioned to Google Analytics 4 yet? Don’t know if you get up GA 4 right? Have no fear, LeadPoint Digital is here to help. We’ll set up your GA 4 account or audit your GA 4 set up for free! Complete the form below for assistance.

About the Presenter

Brad Timofeev
Managing Partner

Brad has an analytical approach to studying the art of communication and human behavioral traits online. Throughout his 15+ year digital marketing career, he has been the digital advisor for many regional marketing agencies and has spoken at major digital marketing conferences throughout the United States. Prior to launching LeadPoint Digital with his business partner in 2020, he directed a national digital marketing agency where he grew revenue by 420% over seven years. His career accomplishments in digital marketing have earned him recognition as a thought leader in the industry.