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Steve Timofeev

For the last 20 years, Steve has been a pioneer in the world of digital marketing, developing digital assets and marketing programs for clients across North America. Steve began his digital career as the VP of Marketing and Sales at Alphalogic Systems, which was known for developing the first Etch A Sketch website and launching Ohio Art’s Betty Spaghetty doll.

Steve then advanced his expertise in digital marketing with Apogee Marketing Group as a freelance web developer. Come 2004, Steve co-founded WebArt, a cutting-edge web design and marketing agency based in Toledo, OH, where he led as the Managing Partner for the next 15 years. In addition to his role at WebArt, Steve served as the Vice President of Operations for MadAveGroup, a powerhouse of specialized marketing agencies.

Steve witnessed the evolution of the internet and digital marketing first-hand, and his extensive background in management and sales has qualified him as an expert in the website development industry.