The Key Components of Good Visual Branding

Your visual brand is a critical piece of your overall marketing strategy. It includes all the visual elements that make your organization recognizable and memorable, ensuring consistency in everything from storefronts to digital marketing. 

Visual branding includes five key elements: A logo, a color palette, typefaces, image style and graphic elements. No matter a brand’s overall aesthetic — traditional or modern, professional or whimsical — all these elements need to work together to communicate the personality and purpose of your brand.

The Logo

Your visual brand begins with your logo. It is the unique identifier for your brand and you will use it everywhere. Because it uses both typefaces and color, your logo is the foundation of your visual brand.

Color Palette

Your brand’s palette should include the colors from your logo as well as a small set of complementary colors. These colors will be used across all platforms, such as advertising, websites, and signage. Most times, moderation is important when choosing a palette. It’s easy to go overboard. 


Typography includes both the fonts as well as the attributes of those fonts, such as size and boldness. Choose two or three fonts that express your brand’s personality. For example, a thin and condensed sans serif font feels sleek and modern while a heavy serif font is more traditional. Most importantly, make sure your fonts are functional and easy to read.


Set guidelines for photography and videography that communicate your brand strategy. What types of images best represent the personality of your organization? Will images be in color or black and white? Heavily filtered or natural? Whatever style you choose, use it consistently.

Graphic Elements

Graphic elements such as patterns, textures or icons add extra flair where you need it, such as in website and social media backgrounds or designs on packaging materials. They’re a small touch that can pull your whole visual identity together.

Each of these elements contribute to a visual language for your brand. The goal is clear and consistent communication that makes your brand instantly recognizable.

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