How to Set up a Successful Email Marketing Program to Reach Customers

Email marketing remains the most effective way for businesses grow the relationship with their current customers and introduce themselves to potential new ones.

Why? You can personalize an email message — something you can’t do with a social media post. And you can get robust insight into what your customers do with that email.

To be successful, like any digital marketing effort, email marketing requires a plan. 

Here’s how to get started.

Identify Your Audience

You know your product or service forward and backward. You should know your customers just as well: Who they are and what they want from your business. Also consider who else could be interested in your business and what they need to become customers. 

Identify Your Email Marketing Goals

Once you know who you want to reach, think about what you want them to do. Are you working to drive sales, highlight new products, write reviews, attend events, or something else?

This will help determine what type of email marketing will be most effective for your customer. For example:

  • Newsletters are effective at engaging and inspiring customers.
  • Abandoned cart emails recover lost sales by reminding shoppers they didn’t buy that item they put in their cart.
  • Win-back campaigns target one-time customers who haven’t been back in a while.
  • Promotional emails include a direct ask for sales.
  • Event promotions include a direct ask to show up to something.

Regardless of which you choose, each email should include a call-to-action — an easy task for the reader, such as learn more, sign up, or buy a product.

Get Creative with Your Message

Practice, practice, practice. Write in a voice that matches your brand and is true to your mission. Create content that builds relationships with your customers. Perfect your skill at persuasive writing to make every word, from your subject line to your signature, count.

Measure Your Email Marketing Success

Email marketing offers plenty of analytics that lets you see what happens when a customer receives your email and allow you to keep improving on your content. Common metrics include:

  • Open rate: How many people opened the email once it hit their inboxes?
  • Click rate: How many people clicked on links embedded in the content?
  • Unsubscribe rate: Did anyone ask to stop receiving your email?
  • Subscriber interactions: Who did something or communicated back to you?

Ask the Experts

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