Our Uniqueness Creates Opportunity for Brands

Knowing Your Audience to Improve Brand Awareness

Learn from large audio and video streaming services to curate your email marketing and website for a more personalized experience.

I’m a huge music fan so one app I can’t get enough of is Spotify. On top of streaming any song in the known universe, Spotify curates incredibly genre-specific playlists just for you every week. My music taste exists on a spectrum of classic rock, EDM, and indie pop. Somehow Spotify manages to encapsulate my unique taste and spices up my music palette with new songs and artists I’ve yet to discover – every single week!

As of 2019, Spotify had 271 million users in 79 countries – they are the leading driver of revenue to the music business today. This got me thinking about all the different people who use Spotify around the world, and how they curate unique playlists for each of its users. Spotify knows its people, they know music lovers across the globe, and exactly what they want, when they want it. Ever heard of New Music Friday? A playlist of new songs from music’s top artists every Friday… yes, please!

Here’s the Point …

Think of your email marketing programs. We analyze our results and brainstorm ways to increase engagement with new subject lines and more calls-to-action with a basic knowledge of the audiences we’re targeting. You may feel you’re just shooting in the dark, hoping at least a handful of your contacts are interested in your emails.

Spotify doesn’t just hope I’m going to like the playlists it sends me every week; they know because they know me. Segmenting your email lists is a great place to start discovering who your contacts are so you can deliver communications tailored to their needs and wants. Start segmenting with the information you already have for your contacts – email engagement.

You know who opened your emails and clicked on them, and what they clicked on! Use this data to create an email campaign targeted at these people who showed some interest in your sale, event, resource, etc. Do you have any demographic or geographic data on these contacts? Look for commonalities and think of how you can segment the list even more to deliver hyper-focused messaging. Email engagement is one of the many ways you can segment your email lists.

After you’ve mastered email marketing – inbound marketing is the next step to customize a complete digital experience to strengthen your audience’s relationship with your brand.

We all have one thing in common, our differences! People’s uniqueness provides amazing opportunities to discover the different backgrounds, interests, and motives of your customers and communicate in a way that truly matters to each person.

What segmenting strategies have you found to be successful?

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