What is UX and Why is It Important?

A website is a staple of modern business. In some sectors, an app is almost equally as important. 

Customers and clients expect websites, apps and other technology connected to your business to be easy to understand, quick to use and error free. If it’s glitchy or comes with too many instructions, they’ll leave frustrated with the process — and, worse, with your business.

This is the world of UX.

What is UX? 

UX stands for user experience, or what it’s like for a person to use your website, app or other technology.

UX design is the process used to think through how a customer can easily navigate your product as well as the design of all the visual and interactive elements. The goal is to make the user experience as easy, intuitive, and seamless as possible. 

Why Does UX Matter?

Simply put, a good user experience for business leads to happy customers who will return again and again and recommend you to others. 

Good UX solves problems in the design state, before customers encounter them. UX designers consider questions such as:

  • Do customers want or need the product?
  • Is the product easy to use? 
  • Can the product be used easily by different types of customers? 
  • Is it accessible to people with disabilities? 
  • Does the customer leave the product feeling happy or satisfied?

These questions matter because good UX also can set your business apart from others, create strong engagement and even foster an emotional connection between a business and its customers — all things that affect your reputation and your profits.

We’re Here to Help

Don’t be intimidated by UX design. LeadPoint Digital, Roanoke’s digital marketing company, has a team of certified design experts ready to help you create unforgettable user experiences for your customers. Drop us a line for a free consultation! 

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